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Sunday, June 3, 2012

The Houghton Mansion

Another haunted place, but it isn't as dark as Bobby Mackey's Music World. The Houghton Mansion is located in North Adams, Massachusetts. It is said to be one of the most well known haunted locations of New England.

Albert Charles Houghton
There is mixed versions of this story, so I'm going to tell you one of them.
Albert Charles Houghton was the owner of The Houghton Mansion. He was the President of the Arnold Print Works and the first Mayor of the City of North Adams.

On August 1, 1914 the Houghton's chauffeur, John Widder, was driving Albert Houghton and some of his family in the family's Pierce Arrow. John Widder was forced to go to the edge of the road. They hit a soft shoulder and the vehicle rolled down steep embankment. Sybil Hutton, a family friend was killed when the car rolled over her. Mary, one of Mr.Houghton's daughters died on the way to the hospital. Mr.Houghton and John Widders survived with minor injures.

John Widder

Wreck of the Pierce Arrow

Houghton Grave
John Widders blamed himself for this accident. He committed suicide by shooting himself at the barn. Mr.Houghton died soon after. It was either suicide or a stroke.                                                                                                                                                                                                                

Masonic Temple
When the Masons took ownership, they built a Masonic Temple at the rear of the house.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Met Another Demon

Sorry I've not been posting in a long time. I've needed to do alot of school work.

I accidentally saw a demon not too long ago. Nothing followed me home, but it did leave three scratches on my arm. It finally healed completely after about three weeks.

I'll start posting more tomorrow. And I hope everyone is having a great summer so far!

Saturday, March 24, 2012


(I'm back from my break!)

Possessions is when a demonic spirit takes control of the living. This happens more often than what most people thinks, but it is still rare. This doesn't happen right away, there are three stages of possession.

Infestation: This is the first stage. This is when a demon lives in a house, but never chosen a human to possess. Sometimes it lives there without disturbing the living and sometimes it doesn't want to possess anyone.

Oppression: This is the 2nd stage. This is when it has chosen a human to possess. It doesn't have full control, but is trying to do so.

Full Possession: This is the final stage. It is when the demon has full control of the human. The demon can bring death to it's living host.

When someone is 2nd or 3rd stage of possession anything that is religious or that has been blessed, like holy water or rosaries, it feels almost like fire to them. Sometimes food or water tastes horrible to them, because demons doesn't want the human to be strengthened and rejects all food and water. This could mean a sign of death during a possession. They try their best to not let the human know what is going on.
Sometimes it's human host isn't always in full possession. Instead they are fully possessed at random times, on and off. They either don't know at all what they did or it was foggy in their minds of what they did, when they were possessed, unless someone tells them.
Exorcism usually takes alot of time. For example, Carl Lawson's exorcism lasted for about six hours and I know another story about a exorcism done on a boy that lasted 8 hours.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

My First EVP I Recorded

I took out my old recorder. I pressed record and said "hello?", to see if it still works and it does. I pressed record again and Lizzy, my ghost best friend and roommate that I mentioned on my first post, said "hello" back. I listened to my recorder and I've got her voice. This was my first EVP that I recorded. I wish there was a way that I can show my class A EVP of Lizzy to you.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Bobby Mackey's Music World Tours/Private Investigations

I've added the song, Johann by Bobby Mackey to my "Paranormal Activity At Bobby Mackey's" post.

I'm going to have a private investigation here. If you are one of my friends or my acquaintance in real life, you can tell me that you want to join my paranormal hunting group. (We will go to more places.Not just Bobby Mackey's Music World.) I need one or two more people.

If you're interested in Bobby Mackey's and you want to take a tour or have a private investigation, you can.

Fridays and Saturdays Tours:
You must be 18 or older. It is $10.00 per person + club admission
First tour starts at 9:15PM and the final tour starts at 1:15AM. Each Tour is 30 minutes in duration.
Tours of Bobby Mackeys' haunted basement are on Friday and Saturday nights during regular business hours. The tours take you through the catacombs beneath the infamous night club said to be haunted by the ghost of Johanna.

Weekday Tours:
This is for all ages and reservations only.
Two hour extended tours. Tour entire club, basement, 2nd level. It is $25 per person. Any time between 11AM - 8PM. During these tours, the club is closed. You can take pictures and ask questions.

Private Investigation:
It is $100 for one person and $595 per group. You must be 18 or older and reservations only. No more than 20 people and no Fridays or Saturdays. It can be from 8PM - 1AM, 9PM - 2AM, or 10PM - 3AM.
More time can be purchased.

For more information go to: http://www.bobbymackey.com/h_paranormal.htm

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Ghost Adventures "Return to Bobby Mackey's Music World" Episiode 4 Season 4

Just to let you guys know, Carl Lawson died on Jan 26, 2012.
I've reviewed the video I post of GA at Bobby Mackey's. I'm going to replace that video with a better one when I can, because I saw it was missing up esp. on part 3.
If anyone has the link to the webisode of the 2nd time they went to this place with that big group, please give it to me because I really want to watch it.
Here is the "Return to Bobby Mackey's Music World" episiode. I've been busy so I haven't been able to look over this. I will replace it, if I see anything wrong with it, when I get a chance to review it.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Ghost Adventures "Bobby Mackey's Music World" Episiode 1 Season 1

This is the episiode of the first time Ghost Adventures went to Bobby Mackey's. "Bobby Mackey's Music World" isn't the first time they investigated a haunted place. They had a special before their first episiode. This airs on Travel Channel every Friday and Saturday. Please tell me if this isn't the full episode of this because I didn't have time to look over this.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Carl Lawson's Exorcism at Bobby Mackey's Music World

As I meantioned in my past posts of Bobby Mackey's, Carl Lawson has gotten possessed. And Carl can't act at all. This is the video of some of the six hour exorcism. I've had to watch this without any autio, so you guys are lucky.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Paranormal Activity at Bobby Mackey's Music World

Sorry that I didn't post yesterday. I was doing a project for school.

I've already told you about the past, now get ready for the present.
Bobby Mackey's Music World is one of the most highly active paranormal place. Ghost Adventures even had fear of returning.

The entity of Alonzo Walling has appeared. An apparition of the headless woman, Pearl, has appeared to people. A psychic has seen Scott Jackson yelling at the Pearl without her head, saying that it is all her fault.  Pearl is fretting, as she holds her head in her hands, "My head, my head!" The entity of the little girl appeared in the basement, and threw rocks at the humans. The entity of the boy, whom was killed by the thugs, appears in the basement as well. The entity of Joanna has been seen by the living on stage behind Bobby Mackey when he is performing with his band. She has been seen in other places around the building too. Her floral perfume is experienced by the living.
Water faucets and the lights turn on and off by themselves.When the wife of an employee walked into the building, the unplugged jukebox began playing, "The Anniversary song," which wasn't even in the jukebox.  It was probably Pearl or Johanna.
Pregnant women are picked on by Johanna. When they brought the place, Bobby's pregnant wife, Janet, became the object of harassment by Johanna. One was that she was grabbed around the waist and thrown down to the ground and something pushed her from behind as she scurried down the stairs. She heard a disembodied female voice yelling at her, "Get out, get out, get out!" She doesn't like to go into that place again.
Who can forget about Carl Lawson, whom is the former caretaker, was possessed by the spirits and had to go through an exorcism.  Entities have been seen by psychics hanging around the mechanical bull area and the caretakers' apartment.
Entities have been known to start fights in the night club by poking, touching people and pulling hair.When a set up person accidentally dropped a chair, pounding came from the catwalk continued until she left. A loud, animated band irritated the entities was throwing things at them from the ceiling.

Bobby Mackey isn't the type of person to believe ghosts, but now he doesn't know what to believe.

Ghost Adventures has went to Bobby Mackey's on one of their first lockdowns. They have gotten scathed by them. They also had things follow them home. They returned again, but this time Aaron has gotten possessed.

Bobby Mackey's Music World was nicknamed "Hell's Gate." Douglas Hensley has wrote a book about the paranormal activity that take place there.

Bobby Mackey has also wrote a song about Johanna, which of course is called "Johanna." It tells about some of the dark history that took place there. Here is the song with the lyrics:

This place has a sign in the front warning everyone about the ghosts. It says "This establishment is proported to be haunted. Management is not responsible and cannot be held liable for any actions of any ghosts/spirits on the premises." I've put a picture of it on my last post.

To learn more watch this video.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

History of Bobby Mackey's Music World

I love studying haunted places. I've been studying Bobby Mackey's for about two months or so. I'm going to post more about this place, just to let you know.

Bobby Mackey's Music World is in Wilder, Kentucky. It has alot of dark history. It led from a slaughter house, to a Casino, to Bobby Mackey's Music World.Today several ghosts is haunting this night club.

The Slaughter House

Pearl Bryan

A small satanic group made up of local residents gathered at the slaughter house, to practice their rituals in secret.  
Pearl left to see Scott Jackson and Alonzo Walling when she was about five months pregnant. Alonzo didn't know that Scott was a member of the group that met at the slaughter house. Jackson’s medical skills was worse than he thought. He injured her using chemicals like cocaine. After that, he also injured her using dental tools. After an hour, Pearl was  scared and bleeding. Jackson took them near Fort Thomas and they killed Pearl. Jackson cuts her head off from her body. Pearl's body was found about two miles from the slaughter house. She was recognized by her shoes.

Scott Jackson

Scott and Alonzo were caught, tried and hung for this horrific crime. They were offered life in prison instead of the hangman's noose if they said where the head was located, but they said they were innocent of her murder, and didn't confess their deeds. Jackson and Alonzo were scared of suffering Satan’s wrath if they revealed the location of Pearl’s head. Alonzo threaten that he will come back and haunt this place after death, before he was hung.
During the time that this building was used as a Slaughterhouse the well,that resides in the basement, was used to drain the blood of the animals into the nearby river. some Pearl's head was never found, but it is said that it was threw in the will during one of their rituals.

Alonzo Walling


The Casino
In the 1930's, Buck Brady bought this operation, calling it The Primrose, making it into a successful, casino and bar.The Cincinnati mob wanted to take over The Primrose, and wound up making life rough for Buck Brady, until they finally forced him to sell his business to them. Buck Brady committed suicide in the end.
Some little boy annoyed the mob thugs during the time when The Latin Quarter was in operation. They threw him down the stairs, killing him.
During about this time, Johanna is the daughter of one of The Latin Quarter owners.She fell in love with a singer at the club, and became pregnant. Her father had her beloved murdered. At five months pregnant, she tried to poison her father, and then killed herself in the basement.
A little girl died in this building somehow, perhaps a dumb kid accident, or maybe a sacrifice victim. She could also be a demonic being pretending to be a little girl.

Bobby Mackey's Music World

The dark history is the cause of the haunting at Bobby Mackey's. It has been nicknamed "Hell's Gate". This includes the famous possession of Carl, which was caught on video and is going around the Internet. I'll tell you more about what paranormal activities that is going on in my future posts.

Friday, February 17, 2012


It is said ghosts have weak energy and can't make sounds or become visible to most humans, until they can borrow or take a greater amount of energy. Ghosts can take energy from electronic equipment, batteries, cameras, humans, etc.
And yes I did say humans. The living is contains energy. This is why sometimes people feels suddenly lethargic or weak.
The Law of Conservation says that energy can't be created nor can it be destroyed. When the human body dies, it's energy is released. It is said that the person's energy remains intact and either moves to heaven or hell or stays here.
When someone is murdered or dies a violent death, their emotions can become imprinted in the atmosphere. This is probably the cause of residual ghosts as I mentioned before.
When/if you go paranormal investigating, don't bring only one video camera. The ghosts and spirits can drain it's energy, one of your only source of equipment that can capture visible images.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Animal Ghosts

I get asked "Does Animal Ghosts exists?" alot. And the answer is yes.
Alot of animal ghost were family pets. So one possibility is that the owners is keeping them here. They wanted to see them again or emotional stress can keep them here.
Most animal ghosts are dogs, cats, and horses. This ethier means that the animals that were mostly near humans or that animals with a higher brain functions is the ones that are most likely to become ghosts.
I also see ghost cows running/walking around my house. They were taken care by Lizzy and her dad (a.k.a the other two ghost in my house).

It is hard for paranormal investigators to know if thier is a ghost animal. Most animal sounds can be easily confused by everyday sounds. It is also very hard to have a convsation with an intelligent animal ghost.

Be careful, because you could also be hanging around a demonic being. If you hear it make any growling sounds, it can be a demonic or evil being. Animal ghost dosen't usually growl, but the demonic beings do.   

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Dark World by Zak Bagans

Zak's new book, "Dark World." Zak is the lead investigator in Ghost Adventures and the host in Paranormal Challenges.

"Zak Bagans has had numerous experiences with ghosts, spirits, demons, and even a succubus during his hundreds of paranormal investigations. He knows that there's another realm beyond death that cannot be ignored, which is why he's dedicated his life to understanding it. In Dark World, Bagans brings you behind the cold walls of some of the world's most haunted prisons, hospitals, insane asylums, hotels, slaughterhouses, and mansions. He leads you on a terrifying ride through a vortex of dark energy, where you hear the voices of killers who refused to release their icy grip on this world even after their bodies perished. He brings you to places where innocent humans suffered beyond reason and still cry out for help. Bagans wants you to experience a haunting through his eyes; to feel what it's like to be scared, pushed, cold, sluggish, whispered-to, creeped-out, and touched by an ethereal or being attacked by a demonic spirit. It's not like pinpointing a knock in your bathroom in the middle of the night. It's oppressive, heavy, magnetic, and even addictive."

I'm still reading this book, mostly because I've keep getting interrupted. This book is really good so far. It has tons of facts about the paranormal, his experiences, how he got into the paranormal, and so much more. This is a great book for fans of Ghost Adventures or for the ones who loves the paranormal.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Paranormal Investigators on TV

This is a list of all the TV shows of paranormal investigators, that I can think of right now.

 Ghost Adventures:   "The "Ghost Adventures" crew -- Zak Bagans,  Nick Groff and Aaron Goodwin -- investigates the scariest, most notorious, haunted places in the world. The trio will interview eyewitnesses and historians at each location, arming themselves with the stories of the ghosts they will later provoke and confront during their dusk-to-dawn lockdowns. (Note: They don't always come out unscathed!) Then they'll review and analyze their findings with some the most respected experts and specialists in the paranormal field"
This is my favorite TV show. I highly recommend this. It comes on Travel Channel every Friday and Saturday night. I think (and alot of others) that most of their findings are real. Even if it isn't real, it has lots of facts about the paranormal and the most haunted places.

Ghost Hunters: There is no good description that I can find of this. Basically it is another ghost investigator crew. Everyone I know thinks that most of it isn't real. This also has some facts about the haunted places. This show has a five star rating. It airs on Syfy.

Paranormal Challenge: Zak Bagans (who is also the lead investigator of Ghost Adventures) hosts a competition between two teams of paranormal investigators at haunted places. Zak and others, judges the two teams by their use of history, evidence, and team work, etc. It airs on Travel Channel.

The Dead Files: "The Dead Files team approaches every case from their two specific areas of expertise: Steve DiSchiavi is a Homicide Detective and Amy Allan is a Physical Medium. They are a paranormal team like no other, combining their unique, eclectic and often-conflicting skills to solve unexplained paranormal phenomena in haunted locations across America.Each investigator’s methods and findings remain hidden from the other team member to preserve the integrity of their findings, until the shocking results are revealed to the homeowner in the compelling conclusion of each episode.While much of Steve’s factual findings have already been disclosed to the audience as we followed him on his investigation, we always save the most shocking information for last. This is the moment of truth, when Steve and Amy come together, with the homeowner, and all of the team’s findings gel into one undeniable – and often terrifying – conclusion." This also airs on Travel Channel

Monday, February 13, 2012

Trigger Objects

Sorry for not posting on Sunday and Saturday. I was at the movies on Saturday to see "The Woman in Black". On Sunday I had alot of homework. If you want to know what "The Woman in Black" is, click here: http://movies.yahoo.com/movie/the-woman-in-black/

Anyway, trigger objects is an object that can be used to attract paranormal activity through the attachment that the ghost had. It can be anything that the ghost owned, admired, or felt a connection to while it was alive, like a picture, a ball, stuff animals,  music, etc.
For example, if I was a ghost, one of my trigger objects would be my laptop. If someone took it I would be angry because it is an object that I use every day. Another example will be music. If I hear dark/gothic music playing, I might sing along, play along with my guitar, or something like that, because I love music.
This is what trigger objects is. Most paranormal investigators use this tool alot, to attract paranormal activity.

Friday, February 10, 2012

How to Tell the Difference Between Demons and Others

Demons, sometimes, doesn't look like a human. But they can appear as anything. They usually appears as little kids, because people usually opens arms for little kids instead of standing on guard. They used this as bait.
On way of telling is through the history. If no children died there, than it is probably not children. Even if children died there, it could still be a demon. In the "Dark World" by Zak Bagans, he says "Halles-Bar Marina in Tennessee has a graveyard full of children on the property, but the spirits inside are anything but innocent...It's a place where I thought I was going to comfort children, but instead got attacked."
Demons can also be invited to the place. If the history of the place has devil worshippers, than it might be a demon or an evil ghost. Demons aren't always invited by devil worshipping. Things like Ouija boards can open a portal to them as well.
If you get scratched in threes,it is said to be from a demonic being. It symbolizes mockery of the holy trinity.

Thursday, February 9, 2012


Demons are a spirit that likes to seriously, physically harm the living. They are said that they can also harm the livings soul. Demons are the most dangerous paranormal phenomena. They are mostly known for scratching, choking, pushing, hitting, possessing the living and more. Sometimes it can be bad for your health.

For Paranormal Investigators: If you are a beginner and don't know how to handle the paranormal, than don't investigate places with demons, first. Investigate other places, before you go to places with demons, to get used to the paranormal.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Poltergeist means "noisy spirit." Other ghosts can be noisy,so what is the difference? Almost everyone has a different theory of what a poltergeist is. The main difference is that poltergeist is created by the unconscious mind of a living person, usually under some kind of stress. This is why it isn't, usually, considered a ghost or a spirit.
According to some people, the poltergeist is the only paranormal phenomena that can interact with the living and move objects. I don't believe that is true, because there is intelligent ghosts that can move objects and interact with the living, and they aren't created by an unconscious mind.
Poltergeist is said to be the 2nd most dangerous paranormal phenomena. The first is the demonic ones, of course.  

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Intelligent and Residual

What is Intelligent and Residual Hauntings? What is the difference between them? Are they good or bad?
These are the most common paranormal hauntings and there is a big difference between them.

Intelligent - Intelligent ghosts is the ones who knows its surroundings and isn't repeating a past event. If you walk into a house that has intelligent hauntings, they know that you are there. And if you ask them questions, they will give you the answer. They sometimes can move an object on demand.
Some intelligent hauntings are good and some are bad/evil. It is like the living, there is some nice people and there is some mean ones.
Most of the ghosts that I've seen/talked to is intelligent. They notice that I'm there and can talk back to me. I personally like the intelligent better, because they talk back.

Residual - Residual is the ones that plays itself repeatedly in a moment in time.This haunting can be things like someone walking around or a party that happened a long time ago. If you walk into a house with residual hauntings, they won't even notice that you are there. This haunting is the best for most paranormal investigators because they are very predictable. Since they are just moments in time, they are usually not dangerous.  

Monday, February 6, 2012

My Experiences So Far...

I can see and communicate with ghosts. Here is most of my experiences so far.

Every since I was really little. The first house I lived at I saw two little girls,their farther,and a young boy. I'm not sure if that was all of the ghosts that I saw there because it was a long time ago. The two girls and their farther lived in the house. The girls used to jump on the bed and talk to me. My parents thought I just had an imaginary friend, until they saw it for themselves. The young boy walks around the house like he was lost (which he probably was.)
That house was destroyed by a hurricane and I had to stay at my grandmother's house,until we found another house. I didn't feel comfortable at all and I couldn't sleep.
When my friend and I went to a park, or something like it, I saw a person who was hung on a tree. My friend said that she only can see the rope.
A couple of times I was talking to someone, but no one else can see them. Everyone who saw me do this thought I was crazy, weird, or both.
At the graveyard, I saw something that didn't look normal. I'm sure it was a demon. It choked me and scratched me.
I've moved to another state and to the house that I'm currently living in. When we were looking at the house, I saw a little girl. I ask my dad if he could see her, and he couldn't. I told my dad to buy the house. When we moved in, I saw the same girl (who is about 9 years old and her name is Lizzy), her farther (John), cows, and an old woman. My room has the most activity and is Lizzy's room. I talk to Lizzy the most. I rarely see the old woman and every time I try to talk to her, she walks away. When I had to go to school,they rampage the house, saying "where is she?". This stopped when Lizzy started to follow me wherever I go.
Thats about all of the ghosts that I saw so far and there will be more in the future. If you have any questions, please ask.