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Saturday, February 18, 2012

History of Bobby Mackey's Music World

I love studying haunted places. I've been studying Bobby Mackey's for about two months or so. I'm going to post more about this place, just to let you know.

Bobby Mackey's Music World is in Wilder, Kentucky. It has alot of dark history. It led from a slaughter house, to a Casino, to Bobby Mackey's Music World.Today several ghosts is haunting this night club.

The Slaughter House

Pearl Bryan

A small satanic group made up of local residents gathered at the slaughter house, to practice their rituals in secret.  
Pearl left to see Scott Jackson and Alonzo Walling when she was about five months pregnant. Alonzo didn't know that Scott was a member of the group that met at the slaughter house. Jackson’s medical skills was worse than he thought. He injured her using chemicals like cocaine. After that, he also injured her using dental tools. After an hour, Pearl was  scared and bleeding. Jackson took them near Fort Thomas and they killed Pearl. Jackson cuts her head off from her body. Pearl's body was found about two miles from the slaughter house. She was recognized by her shoes.

Scott Jackson

Scott and Alonzo were caught, tried and hung for this horrific crime. They were offered life in prison instead of the hangman's noose if they said where the head was located, but they said they were innocent of her murder, and didn't confess their deeds. Jackson and Alonzo were scared of suffering Satan’s wrath if they revealed the location of Pearl’s head. Alonzo threaten that he will come back and haunt this place after death, before he was hung.
During the time that this building was used as a Slaughterhouse the well,that resides in the basement, was used to drain the blood of the animals into the nearby river. some Pearl's head was never found, but it is said that it was threw in the will during one of their rituals.

Alonzo Walling


The Casino
In the 1930's, Buck Brady bought this operation, calling it The Primrose, making it into a successful, casino and bar.The Cincinnati mob wanted to take over The Primrose, and wound up making life rough for Buck Brady, until they finally forced him to sell his business to them. Buck Brady committed suicide in the end.
Some little boy annoyed the mob thugs during the time when The Latin Quarter was in operation. They threw him down the stairs, killing him.
During about this time, Johanna is the daughter of one of The Latin Quarter owners.She fell in love with a singer at the club, and became pregnant. Her father had her beloved murdered. At five months pregnant, she tried to poison her father, and then killed herself in the basement.
A little girl died in this building somehow, perhaps a dumb kid accident, or maybe a sacrifice victim. She could also be a demonic being pretending to be a little girl.

Bobby Mackey's Music World

The dark history is the cause of the haunting at Bobby Mackey's. It has been nicknamed "Hell's Gate". This includes the famous possession of Carl, which was caught on video and is going around the Internet. I'll tell you more about what paranormal activities that is going on in my future posts.

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