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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Intelligent and Residual

What is Intelligent and Residual Hauntings? What is the difference between them? Are they good or bad?
These are the most common paranormal hauntings and there is a big difference between them.

Intelligent - Intelligent ghosts is the ones who knows its surroundings and isn't repeating a past event. If you walk into a house that has intelligent hauntings, they know that you are there. And if you ask them questions, they will give you the answer. They sometimes can move an object on demand.
Some intelligent hauntings are good and some are bad/evil. It is like the living, there is some nice people and there is some mean ones.
Most of the ghosts that I've seen/talked to is intelligent. They notice that I'm there and can talk back to me. I personally like the intelligent better, because they talk back.

Residual - Residual is the ones that plays itself repeatedly in a moment in time.This haunting can be things like someone walking around or a party that happened a long time ago. If you walk into a house with residual hauntings, they won't even notice that you are there. This haunting is the best for most paranormal investigators because they are very predictable. Since they are just moments in time, they are usually not dangerous.  

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